I believe, first and foremost, that life is made of love and family.

I believe in remembering the everyday moments.  These are the memories that live in our hearts forever.

I believe in turning images into art…and that this art should live on our walls not just in our computers.

I believe in telling stories with words and through images.  No matter how young, your child already has an important story to share.

I believe in always pushing myself, and my work.  I am forever learning, and always looking for that next photographic moment.

I believe that every client is a potential friend. By getting to know my clients, I am better able to capture them as they really are.  In this process, friendships sometimes happen!

I never take my job lightly. It is an honor every time a family choses me to be their photographer.  I value this trust.

From start to finish, I believe in delivering a boutique experience to all of my families.  Details should be thoughtful and my products should be luxurious.

I believe each portrait session should be relaxed and fun.  I also believe they run, not to my time schedule, but to that of the child.

I believe sometimes it is necessary to make funny faces and silly noises. Photographers just have to do these things.

I believe that pets are a very important part of the family.  Of course, they can join in the fun.

I believe that life should be lived which is why I will always put a high priority on time with family and friends, laughter and great food.